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Discover the 30-Day Blueprint to Becoming a 7-Figure Business Loan Broker With Credit Suite

During the challenge, you’ll get everything you need to make an informed decision about whether this profession is right for you … even get access to the money and credit you need to grow!
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The 3-Day Challenge Runs From Nov 27th - 29th. Sessions Start At 1 p.m. ET and Run For 90 Minutes.
Extra Bonus Day on Nov 30th

Being a Business Loan Broker Can Be a Tremendous Opportunity

Build a Super-Successful Business Helping Other Business Owners Get Business Credit and Business Funding

Discover How to Get Started. What You Need … And What You Don't.

Meet Other Successful Business Brokers and Experts In This Field

Learn How to Generate Revenue in The First 90 Days

Get All The Information You Need … So You Can Make An Informed Decision About Whether This Profession Is For You

No Charge To Attend

In the current economic and social climate, more people than ever want to start their own business.  You can earn a significant and consistent income helping these people get business funding.

Things Are Changing … And There’s a Huge Opportunity For Ambitious People

Recession. Inflation. “The Great Resign” where millions of people have decided to leave their jobs … for good.

Whatever you might think about what’s happened in the last two years, one thing is totally certain.

A lot of people have started a business … or want to start one.

And what about existing businesses? They want to grow. They want to buy other businesses. They need equipment.

All these businesses will need ONE thing … MONEY.

Specifically business capital and business funding. To help them get this money, they need the expertise of a Business Loan Broker.

The Crucial Role of a Business Loan Broker

What exactly does a Business Loan Broker do?
Great question. There are three main roles.
1. Education

You start by helping companies understand what business financing is all about and how it works.

2. Organization

You help companies get set up so they can get business credit and business funding. Over 90% of companies are not set up correctly to get any financing.

3. Making The Connection

After steps 1 and 2, it’s time to put companies together with lenders. It’s where “the magic” happens and there’s huge potential for significant affiliate commissions. Plus with our easy match software we do all the work for you! 

As a Business Loan Broker, you help business owners build a business and reach their goals. There’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained. Plus there’s significant potential for significant income. You’ll discover what you can expect to earn when we discuss this subject in The BUSINESS LOAN BROKER CHALLENGE.

What You Need …  And What You Don’t

As a Business Loan Broker, you’re not a banker. You’re an independent professional helping businesses get business credit and business funding.

Here’s What You Need to Be Successful …

Gaining the initial information about this business.

A network of lenders.

The ability to sell and close deals.

A marketing process/system to bring in highly-qualified leads.

A company behind you to provide support and information.

Ambition and drive to succeed.

If you don’t have some or all of the above … don’t worry. We’ll go through everything in the BUSINESS LOAN BROKER CHALLENGE.

What You Don’t Need

  • Experience in banking, finance, or sales. 
  • An office. You can work from anywhere. Set up an office if you want but it’s not essential.
People from all professions and walks of life have become successful Business Loan Brokers.

Credit Suite Partners Already Helping Entrepreneurs


The BUSINESS LOAN BROKER CHALLENGE is a special event we’ve created here at Credit Suite.
The Business Loan Broker Challenge gives you access to the industry thought leaders, tools, training, and resources to launch and scale a successful business loan brokerage company.  You’ll get all you need to even land your first 3 deals during the challenge!
You can learn about being a Business Loan Broker and decide if it’s a career for you. 

We’ve organized expert speakers

Full Event Details...

The 3-Day Challenge Runs From Nov 27th - 29th. Extra Bonus Day on Nov 30th


Presentations begin at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time and finish at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Who It's For

Ambitious people who are looking for a new opportunity to help business owners thrive.


Free but space is limited.


Videos will be available after the event but only for three days. After that you’ll need the Backstage Pass to view the recordings in the Credit Suite Members area.

How This Works?

After you register, You’ll get immediate access to a private Facebook group where this event will take place. Look for emails with full details.

Special Bonus

During the BUSINESS LOAN BROKER CHALLENGE we’ll have giveaways and tons of “virtual” schwag. Why not?

About The Host … Credit Suite

The goal of Credit Suite is to help business owners and decision makers find capital, improve fundability, build and leverage business credit, and find the optimal loans and credit lines.

Tens of thousands of companies have trusted Credit Suite to guide
them through the business financing credit maze … and reach short-
term and long-term business goals.

We have a Partner Program. Through this program, we’ve helped  
thousands of ambitious people become Business Loan Brokers.

Want You to Be Successful …

In the BUSINESS LOAN BROKER CHALLENGE, you’ll hang out and network with the experts and funders in this industry including …

People who’ve already decided to become a Business Loan Broker.
Finance and funding experts.
Traditional and non-traditional lenders.
Sales and marketing experts

What The Last Challenge Champions Had To Say

Many of The Top Business Funding, Marketing, and Loan Broker Experts … People Who Rarely Speak at Events …

Ty Crandall

Credit Suite

Megan Christensen

Credit Suite


Building Your Personal Brand

Suzanne Young

Credit Suite

Alex Frees

Credit Suite

Keith Knapp

Credit Suite

Ty Crandall is an internationally-known speaker, author, and business credit expert.

With over 17 years of financial experience, Ty is recognized as an authority in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business financing.

He is the author of two of the bestselling books on consumer and business credit. These include “Perfect Credit” and “Business Credit Decoded.” In addition, he has written hundreds of published articles relating to business credit. Ty is also often heard being interviewed on countless radio and TV programs, as well as news shows, across the country. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. magazines.

He is currently the CEO of Credit Suite. With Credit Suite, Ty consults with and advises companies on business credit building and scoring. He has overseen the business credit building for tens of thousands of clients and has helped create and grow the most credible business coaching operation in the United States. Ty has also created and coaches the largest business credit provider network in the world.

What You’ll Discover in

  1. 1
    How to launch your business loan broker business and get your first 3 deals in just 30 days.
  2. 2
    7 surprising benefits of being a business loan broker… These are the things industry insiders typically won’t reveal or tell you about … because they don’t want you to know how rewarding and lucrative being a loan broker can be.
  3. 3
    How to set up setup your own business the right way from scratch to become more fundable and attract more customers … and how to do this for your customers/clients so you help them get more approvals with higher approval amounts and better terms.
  4. 4
    The essentials you’ll need to launch your business the right way including how to setup your business entity, phone, address, website, and   logo … and how you can help your customers do the same to help them get more and better funding while you earn significant affiliate commissions.
  5. 5
    How to build your personal brand so customers/clients are coming to you … this is the “secret formula” that will help you become an industry influencer quickly … plus be seen as a leading authority in the business community.
  6. 6
    How to build your business credit so your loan broker company can fund itself … and how business credit works so you can create an additional income stream helping your customers build their business credit .
  7. 7
    How to build a community that attracts potential customers and positions you as an industry leader … this is where your future sales will come from because your “tribe” will make you their obvious choice for funding and come back to you again and again for funding when they need it.
  8. 8
    Advanced business loan broker training from the industry trainers and authorities who typically charge over $20,000 for their insight … learn from the top business loan broker training experts and get the advanced tips and tactics without paying tens of thousands of dollars to get it.
  9. 9
    We’ll Show You How to Market Yourself and Sell … Even If You Know Nothing About Marketing and Sales …
  1. 10
    How to setup and launch a professional website that provides instant credibility. This is a key to collecting information from potential clients and being seen as a leader in the business loan broker industry.
  2. 11
    How to setup landing pages and a sales funnel that automatically converts interested prospects into paying customers …
  3. 12
    Discover how providing valuable information and education builds trust and rapport and makes you the obvious choice for companies who are looking for business credit.
  4. 13
    How to organize Facebook and Google ad campaigns that net you $3-$4 returns on every $1 you spend … get a step-by-step guide to creating ads.
  5. 14
    How to access done-for-you marketing assets to save you time and money … see how to grab PowerPoints, email funnel content, social media posts, marketing flyers, webinars, PowerPoints, videos, press releases, articles for blog posts, and more that are all done-for-you and ready to deploy.
  6. 15
    Discover how to earn maximum revenue by monetizing every lead, whether they can or can’t get funding..
  7. 16
    How to monetize the leads you get by offering them products and services they need and want.
  8. 17
    How to offer credit repair services to your customers so they find it easier to get business credit and business funding.
  9. 18
    Discover how to earn additional affiliate commissions from your base of clients/customers.
  10. 19
    How to get equity ownership in the businesses you help by solving the growing pains problems they have while you gain stock in their company … this can create a significant passive income stream for you and helps you gain ownership in multiple business ventures.

Understand The Full Range of Business Credit and Business Funding Options In Today’s Market

Know which funding products to offer and where to find this funding.

Help new startup businesses get $150,000 in credit lines even if they have no collateral or cash flow … and then help them get 0% financing through no-doc funding that  can also helps them build business credit.

How to help bad-credit borrowers who have consistent cash flow get money in 72 hours or less.

Discover the best sources for funding and easily know who will and won’t qualify for funding so you can vet potential borrowers quickly.

How to access low-interest and long-term financing for your lower risk clients so they can get more money with lower payments … and how one funding program can gain you enough referrals to double your business year-after-year.

3 types of equipment financing you should know about as a Business Loan Broker … and how to tap into these funding options to help clients borrow money against equipment they own, get equipment financing even as a startup, or lease equipment with little money down and low payments.

A new funding product few loan brokers know about that will help you fund e-commerce businesses where they can get 100% of the money they need to buy their inventory to sell online … this will help your clients rapidly scale and is also very lucrative for you as well.

 How to access ALL legitimate funding options in one place … so you can be a loan broker without needing to do any of the funding or just have the funding you don’t want to work with handled for you.

The step-by-step process of “stacking and processing” loans to submit to lenders … see how to do this the way lenders want so they prioritize your files over others to get faster results and more approvals.

What The Last Challenge Champions Had To Say

12 Reasons to Attend the
Business Loan Broker Challenge


Discover if being a Business Loan Broker is a good career move.


Hear from genuine experts in this field … people who rarely speak at events.


Learn how you can start to get started so  you’re generating revenue in the first 90 days


Hear from funding and financing experts … who truly understand how this industry works.


Get a realistic fact-based sense of your full earning potential.


Understand why there’s such a strong potential market.


Discover the marketing “secrets” of the most successful Business Loan Brokers.


Understand the day-to-day “work” of a Business Loan Broker … but it’s not really work.


Know how to generate revenue from each lead … even if that company isn’t ready for funding.


Know how to set up your business … so it’s a lot easier to get business credit and business funding.


Discover what you need to be successful … and what you don’t.


A totally free event.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Loan Broker Challenge


It's a special event we created to help people decide if this field is a good fit.

Is this for new or existing Business Loan Brokers?

Both! If you're an existing Business Loan Broker you'll still want to attend. You'll get a chance for extra training, access marketing sessions, and learn how to leverage Business Credit Building with your declines. 

If you're starting a new business or want to "bolt on" new revenue stream to your existing B2B business you'll need to attend this challenge 

Do I need to have experience in the financial field?

No. You just need to get some basic information. It helps if you know how to sell but that's not essential.

What does a Business Loan Broker do?

You put business owners and decision makers in touch with lenders. These lenders are not bankers.

Who is speaking?

Experts in this field … people who will help you make an informed decision about this growing field.

What does it cost to attend?

There is no charge to attend the main challenge. If you want the VIP bonus day you'll be able to signup on the next page.  The event takes place March 27-29. with a VIP only Bonus Day on March 30th. The event is totally virtual. You just need a computer and Internet connection.

Will I be working for a bank?

No. The lenders you'll work with are "non-traditional" and they are easier to work with.

Where does this take place?

The challenge mainstage will happen over zoom. But we've set up a special community on members.creditsuite.com... You'll get a special login when you register! 

Will I meet some of the lenders?

Yes … we've organized speakers who are experts in this field, including lenders.

Will I get some marketing and sales advice?

Most certainly. We'll have speakers who will talk about the sales and marketing side of being a business loan broker.

Is this market expanding?

Yes … because so many people are starting businesses. And existing businesses want to grow and need money.

Will you cover the earnings potential?

Absolutely. You'll get a realistic sense of who much you can earn. Hint: you'll find this very exciting.

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