Are You Making Money on Credit Monitoring Now?

Get Paid Initially and Monthly on Your Customer's Credit Monitoring


Get Paid for Setting Your Customers up with Credit Monitoring... Earn money upon initial enrollment and monthly when your customers enroll for credit monitoring while your customers get some unique and powerful monitoring benefits.


Get Paid $10 Per Initial Enrollment

  • When your customers enroll for initial credit monitoring you earn $10 out of their initial enrollment.  So just by getting them access to the service they need to monitor their credit you can create a profitable secondary income stream for your credit business.  


Get Paid $5 for Every Month They Stay Enrolled

  • You get paid $5 each month your customers stay enrolled for credit monitoring creating a secondary recurring income for your credit business.  The more you enroll the higher your monthly residual checks will be!


Get Monthly Credit Reports with all Three Bureaus

  • Your customers get access to credit reports with all three credit bureaus with scores every month instead of each quarter.  This gives you access to the updated report data you need on a consistent basis with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion   


Get Score Tracking

  • You and your customers can use the score tracking feature to see what their current credit scores are as well as to track them historically.  This lets you both see the positive progress they've made by using your repair services providing even more value to you and your repair work.


Get Score Simulator

  • You and your customers can use the powerful score simulator technology to see what kind of credit score increase can be expected with certain changes to their report. This is a perfect resource to help show customers the potential of what repair can do for them, or even to help them see what things like paying down credit cards can do for their scores.  This is a perfect resource for those looking to fix their credit to purchase a home or car or even to get credit cards.


Rarely will you find an opportunity to get paid monthly for credit monitoring... take advantage while you can.

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