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How Your FICO Score Really Works Video Training​​​​

  • Uncover the 5 aspects that makeup your consumer credit score and learn tips you can easily do to maximize your consumer FICO credit scores
  • Uncover the different scoring models and see why so many different sources pull so many different scores... and learn insider FICO score secrets that lenders do NOT want you to know about


30 Minute Coaching Session with a Credit Expert

  • Spend 30 minutes with a credit repair coach who has helped over 5,000 fix their consumer credit so you can get on your way quickly to the good credit you deserve 
  • Uncover the secrets of credit repair that you won't find online, and get details on the step-by-step process of fixing your credit report and scores


FICO Scores Decoded… Discover How to Easily and Quickly Obtain Excellent FICO Credit Scores Regardless of Your Personal Credit Quality Now... Free Guide 

  • Learn essential details about FICO's history that can help you better know your consumer credit scores
  • Discover in-depth the type and amount of credit scores you have... and get tips on controlling all of them
  • Learn how the brand new FICO 9 credit score works and what types of radical impact it will have on your current credit scores


Credit Repair Secrets Revealed Video Training

  • Discover the proven step-by-step process of legally fixing bad credit and see how credit repair puts the burden of proof on your creditors making it easy to fix your consumer credit.  
  • Uncover the laws behind credit repair, what makes it work, and see how you can get over 80% of derogatory items legally deleted from your credit repor... and discover why legally they can't be reported anyways.


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