5 Business Credit Scores Lenders Use to Judge You

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Saturday, 13 April 2024, at 12:00 PM EST

Saturday, 13 April 2024, at 7:00 PM EST

During this free webinar you will learn:

  • The 5 factors your consumer FICO score is based on… and how these differ from business credit scores
  • The top 5 sources of business scores that lenders use to determine loan approval or denial
  • How often these 5 scores are used by credit issuers and lenders… without you even knowing about it
  • Why it’s possible for ANYONE to see your business credit reports and scores
  • The #1 score used in the business world and how you can easily and quickly obtain an excellent score by doing only 1 thing
  • The score range of Dun & Bradstreet’s most popular score… and what you can do to by in the top tier to make you more lendable
  • 2 types of business credit scores offered by D&B… and how all 5 of their scores really work
  • Why Experian Commercial’s score is one of the most commonly used today… and how this score works and how it rates you against on all other businesses in your industry
  • How your personal credit can affect your Experian business score… and what type of effect it truly has
  • The 5 components of your Experian score… and how much weight each has to your overall score
  • Why a 90 is a great score with Equifax… and the one thing you can easily do to insure you have that score or higher
  • 5 additional scores that Experian and Equifax Commercial offer… and the basics of what you should know about each
  • How your business FICO score works… and why it’s now being used to determine your approval for almost all conventional SBA loans
  • The “secret” credit score only available to banks that you won’t find anywhere… and how this score works and how you can have an excellent score if you do only one thing
  • And much more...

About your presenter

Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 17 years of financial experience Ty is recognized as an authority in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business financing.

Ty Crandall

Chief Executive Officer

"We at Credit Suite believe everyone should have equal opportunity to access business credit and financing -- no matter what their personal credit may look like."

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