​How to Start, Build, and Grow a Successful Credit Repair Business...
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20 Free Ways to Advertise for Credit Repair... And Get Massive Response

  • ​Learn how to get significantly more credit repair customers for free through social media and classified sites, discover how to get massive leads from affiliates and network marketing events, see how to successfully hold seminars and webinars that bring in large amounts of attendees, learn how to get 100 people to come to your websites each day, and much more.
  • ​This is perfect for people wanting to know how to start a credit repair business, or those who own a credit repair business now and want to make more money.


How to Build and Sell a Successful Credit Repair Business

  • Learn how to automate your business to make more sales and better manage your clients and save countless hours of time.
  • Uncover the importance of building a strong customer database and learn how to build lists of thousands of prospects and referral partners in only minutes.
  • See how outsourcing can help you grow your business and discover how to offer secondary services to triple your revenue, and learn the best services to offer. Learn how to automate your business to make more sales and better manage your clients and save countless hours of time.
  • Receive even more great tips and tools to help you build a credit repair business so successful that you could sell it and retire.


How to Enroll 100 Credit Repair Clients Every Month 

  • In this video you'll learn how you can enroll 100 or more credit repair clients per month to build your credit repair organization.
  • Get the step-by-step process on advertising, building systems, and how to build and scale a successful credit repair company. 


5 Credit Repair Advertising Secrets Revealed

  • Uncover the exact message to advertise that will have your phone ringing off the hook, and see the best medias to advertise in to get an abundance of people to want your services.
  • Discover how to get almost all visitors on your website to give you their email address and beg you to market them, see how to easily quadruple your affiliates base while having them see you as the ultimate credit expert, and much more...
  • Get insight to help you start a credit repair business, grow a credit repair business, and run a successful credit repair business.


How to Get Money for a Credit Repair Business

  • In this training you'll discover how you can get money to start and grow a credit repair business.
  • How you can get approved for business financing that few even know about... even when banks say no due to industry. 


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Credit Repair Power Points

Get 3 power points you can use to present and market credit repair. These are great for prospects, clients, even affiliates and can be used to help you get more sales and add value to your services, even to film videos.


Free Reports and E-books

Get 2 free reports and ebooks including The 5 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make and Credit Score Secrets Revealed, both designed to be powerful lead magnets to help you get new customers.


Email Auto Response Content

Get 3 months of emails you can use to setup a credit repair sales funnel that will convert prospects into buyers. Get qualify email content your prospects will love that teaches them about credit repair and credit scoring, and content so good that it'll make you look like a true credit repair expert.


Social Media Content

Get 3 months of social media posts that you can use to get people loving your social media pages. Use these on Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn and drum up interest in your credit repair services by teaching others about their credit.



Get 3 articles you can use to promote credit repair services online. Get these hosted with online article directories to rule the search engines when people search for you, your company, or credit repair. These will make you look like a guru in the credit repair space.


The ULTIMATE Credit Repair Kit

This is an awesome lead magnet and full of resources you can use including a 101 dispute letter library.  Also in the kit includes dispute log instructions, dispute tracking log, even a 121 page guide on how to fix credit.

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